A Noble Motivation

The really devout man has a horror of evil, but he has a still greater love of that which is good; he is more set on doing what is right, than avoiding what is wrong. Generous, large hearted, he is not afraid of danger in serving God, and would rather run the risk of doing His will imperfectly than not to strive to serve Him lest he fail in the attempt.”

-Jean Nicholas Grou



3 thoughts on “A Noble Motivation

  1. I like this quote! Especially the concept about being more focused on doing what is right than avoiding what is wrong. I think that highlights a common misconception a lot of people have about Christianity, that it’s all about rules and things you can’t do. Thanks for sharing!

    • I agree! I think the key to overcoming a sin is focusing on Jesus and not the sin. The more you focus on not committing a sin, the more power it has over you, because all you are doing is focusing on not doing that sin. I know for myself that when I am like that, I end up committing that sin all the more, because I am weakened by my focus on it. Along with that sin, I heap idolatry on top, because my focus is on not sinning istead of on Jesus!

      • Isn’t it eye-opening to think about how even something that should be a good thing (thinking about not sinning) can become an idol!

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