This I Know

Abba, may I grasp the truth that Your Beloved Son really did change everything, that I can walk in the way of holiness right now, and that when You look at me You see Your child consecrated by the Blood of the Lamb, not a hellbound sinner or even a Heavenbound sinner, but Your clean, pure, forgiven child.

Jesus canceled the written code by nailing it to the Cross–I am a sinner no more, because I have died to sin. I am a New Creation, holy and righteous, free from the authority of sin and empowered to walk in obedience by the Indwelling Spirit of God Almighty despite my propensity to sin. I am a disciple of the risen Lord Jesus Christ. I am entirely forgiven, wholly loved, and unconditionally welcome in the Kingdom of Heaven, because Jesus Christ is my Savior and Lord.

No lie of Satan or fabrication of man can alter my identity in Christ, because the King of kings calls me His Bride, and He is the only Authority in all of eternity who has the right to define who I am. He has ransomed me at the highest price, and no matter what occurs, that payment stands as an everlasting testimony that I am His and He is mine. We are bound together by the bonds of love — unbreakable, unchangeable bonds fashioned by the Creator of Heaven and earth.

What Yahweh has established, no power of man or Satan can destroy.

I am His, and He is mine.

*  *  *

When I fall into sin, this is the Truth that I speak over myself. This is the Truth that pulls me from the pit of destruction and sets my feet back on the path of righteousness. This is the Truth that spurs me on in love and good deeds. This is the Truth that motivates me to get it right after getting it so terribly wrong so many times.

In my journey to live in reality — reality being God’s Truth, not my perceptions and emotions — I have found the greatest freedom I have experienced thus far in my walk with Him. The more I speak His Truth over my life, the more I believe it. The more I believe His Truth, the more it saturates my thinking. The more His Truth saturates my thinking, the more victory I experience through the power of the Spirit strengthening me to be obedient.

I am not where I should be, but I am not where I was.

And it’s all because the Lamb is worthy.


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