Birthday Resolutions

Ten years ago, I started writing Birthday Resolutions. I have succeeded to varying degrees in accomplishing my goals, just as I would expect anyone who makes some sort of annual resolution list to achieve some and fail others. With the move, I have no idea where my journal is that contains last year’s resolutions, so we will simply move forward with this year’s list and not take a gander at last year’s (thus saving myself the embarrassment of public failure).

28th Birthday Resolutions, December 24, 2009
1. Don’t be hasty. Slow down and tackle tasks one step at a time. Yes, just as the old saying goes, we all put our pants on one leg at time, so I need to take life one leg at a time, too. I know I really irritate everyone around me with how frantic I can get about things, so for their sake (and mine, but mostly Abba’s), I need to get this under control.

2. Become Vulcan. Yes, this is a weird Star Trek reference. Humor me. Vulcans are stinking cool aliens whose emotions run deep without controlling their decisions. I want to be able to feel deeply but still act logically, meaning that I actually make rational, God-honoring decisions instead of reacting in the chaos of emotion (Realistically, this goal is a lifetime goal, so any amount of progress over the next year will please me).

3. Finish the Book. I remember including this one on last year’s list, and I have, alas, failed, but not by much. We all must have grace for the person who started a new teaching job. I promise to finish On Every Barren Hill asap. Really. I do. It’s driving me crazy.

4. Stretch. No, this is not some metaphorical statement. I need to stretch daily. I used to stretch fairly regularly (my husband is probably wondering when I ever did that on my own, as he’s been the stretcher of my hamstrings for years — and I mean that in the most innocent, athletic, about to go for a run kind of way), but somewhere along the way I quit doing it. I felt better when I stretched regularly. I need to feel better.

5. Cut back on TV. Yes, I admit it. I need to reduce my hours in front of the TV. My husband has been saying this for quite some time. I admit it. He’s right. He can now bask in the glow of being right and having his rightness acknowledged publicly. 🙂

6. Earn my boots. I’ve got to learn how to do something worthwhile in my new cowboy boots so  I don’t shame Dabbs anymore. I’d rather learn to two step than drink beer, but we’ll see what happens. 😉

7. Quality time. In case you haven’t heard, we’re having another kid (a boy), and he’s arriving sometime around May of 2010. I commit to spending one-on-one quality time with each of our kids on a regular basis. And yes, if I’ll even squeeze in some quality alone time with my favorite husband, too. After all, I married the guy because I enjoy his company. 🙂

I pray that Abba will bless me as I seek to accomplish these goals. It’s a risky thing writing them down for the enemy to read, because I know from 9 years of resolutions that he ardently tries to thwart my best laid plans, especially when I’ve written them down. Hopefully, this year, I’ll consistently do my part while Abba does His part, and we’ll see great victory come December 24, 2010.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Resolutions

  1. I must first confess that I was more than thoroughly entertained by the parentheses included in your fourth resolution.

    Furthermore, I think your list is admirable. I am still unsure about my resolutions, so you may or may not see any on my blog!

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