30th Birthday Resolutions

1. Continue once more the quest to become Vulcan. Abba made some real progress in me this year in regards to my tendency to be dragged along by my emotions. Did I still have my ridiculous moments (or days!)? Yes, but I can also look back on many specific days that could have gone awry were it not for the Spirit taking hold of me…and me submitting.

2. Lose another 20 lbs.

3. Date my husband. We have a great marriage. I will not delude myself by picking it apart and tearing us down like I have such a tendency to do with myself. There is so much good and right between us, and I want this next year to enjoy our marriage even more than last year. He really is my favorite person ever, and I’d like to date him again.

4. Spend more intentional, individual time with the kids, doing activities they enjoy. 🙂

5. Write to our World Vision kid twice a month, even if it’s just a brief note.

6. Discipline our finances, so we can save and give more.

7. Say an “I am” truth to myself while looking in the mirror every day. I am Abba’s child. I am righteous in His sight by the blood of Christ. I am redeemed…



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