Georgia Book Party

On the last Sunday in June, a wonderful little shindig celebrating the publication of The Broken Road occurred at my aunt’s house in Georgia.

Book display

About 25 people came and went during the party, and I enjoyed discussing the book with these lovely ladies (and even a gentleman!) who had read it…and who had not yet read it.

The Broken Road Character Guide

Promoting The Broken Road induces all sorts of anxiety and introverted pains deep down in the pit of my being, but I can honestly share that this book party experience was nothing short of an absolute delight.

Mara Lennox’s chocolate cake

The  delicious food helped.

The Menu

My aunt and my mom prepared dishes inspired by the food mentioned in The Broken Road, such as Mara Lennox’s chocolate cake and Addie’s oatmeal cookies. I made Julia Bailey’s deviled eggs, and one of our guests brought spice cookies. Because the author loves Dr Pepper so much, I enjoyed an anachronism all of my own. Delightful!

Note Cards

As my way of saying, “Thank you for coming to this party and not making it a total flop which would have caused me to need hours of therapy and medication and possibly crippled my writing endeavors for the rest of my entire life,” I made little note card sets for each guest using photos I took while I on a trip to Colorado (and one of aspen in New Mexico). I figured that was a classier statement of gratitude than thanking them for not pushing me headlong into the pit of despair.

Guest Book

My aunt set out a guest book for folks to sign, and they left me some very sweet messages. I particularly like her modern spin on an ink well. 😀

The afternoon drew to a close with me feeling encouraged and respected. I wasn’t the dreaming high school kid with no perspective on reality or the anti-social college student buried in the fictional world or the deluded housewife with visions of grandeur that will never amount to anything.

I was the author.

People took me seriously. They wanted my insight. They asked great questions. They listened.

It was amazing.



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