I just love him.

The little girl within me is all jittery and swoony and ready to take a spin around the neighborhood with her very favorite superhero.

June 14, 2013 cannot possibly arrive fast enough.

Yes, I will be at the midnight premiere.


3 thoughts on “I just love him.

  1. I was excited, too, until the trailer showed that the director of the Batman trilogy is directing. I just do not like the Batman movies. They are way too dark for me. I hope that this one is not as dark. The director isn’t the writer, so I guess I am hoping for good writers.

    Roger and I had a discussion about Superman the other day. We discussed the fact that Superman is one of the only heroes that is purely moral and good (I like Captain America, he’s moral). We like that about him. I hope they don’t ruin that in the film cause, as Roger pointed out, today’s youth don’t particularly like purely moral people. (That’s also why I didn’t like Superman Returns–they ruined his morality by him having an out of wedlock child).

    I basically lay out the morality index of Superhero morality this way: Superman—Spiderman—Batman. Superman is all moral, Spiderman is mixed (He makes an immoral choice that costs him later and motivates him) and Batman has the most struggle with the part of him that is sinful.

    • I’m worried, too. I wouldn’t mind if they added a bit more inner-conflict to his character than what was in the original Superman movies, but I vehemently do not want him to end up anything like Batman or Spiderman, etc. I actually have a whole new perspective on superheroes that I plan to write about soon (hopefully when I’m finished with this comment!) that I think explains some of why people are so attracted to Batman/Spiderman/X-Men instead of Superman and Captain America.

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