for the Lord has been good to us

psalm 116We thank You for this sacred day and the promise of new mercies that come with the rising sun.

We thank You for breath that whispers Your Name, for minds alive with unbound truth, for feet shod with peace that endures, and souls replete with a love that cannot be stopped.

We thank You for laughter and good food and twitterpated hearts and limbs that rustle with leaves all gussied up in their finest glory colors.

We thank You for all that we don’t want that somehow You still make good for us, because You are the God Who Mends and we are all found in the rending that must happen before we can be made whole.

We thank You, Lord Jesus, for knees that kneel before known traitors and hands that wash mucky feet and mouths crooked upward as they proclaim blessing on those bent on our destruction.

We thank You, Spirit, for comfort and wisdom, for discernment, for Your Presence that makes us brave and stouthearted when we feel so very, very small.

We thank You, Father, for all, because all is grace — even if we don’t believe it, can’t see it, or possibly dream it — all is grace, because You are here and You are good.


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