Living Rooted in Identity: Your Heroic Work

Today’s Reading: Psalm 25

02122010snow53cpwatermarkRemember, Self, that just because this new year stretches out long and wide before you does not mean that you get to chart your own course as though you are in charge. While you may have right good goals and aspirations, you are not the writer of this story. You can scheme and plan and list and dream as much as you want, but you do not have the final word in this tale.

You are but a part in a far bigger Story than you could ever create. Yes, your part in this Story matters – it matters greatly and eternally – but your plotline is not the ultimate point of this Tale. Still, do not dismiss your importance. Though you are not the Hero, you can be a hero. You can love well and scatter joy and uphold truth. You can bend low and clean up and feed souls. You can spread His fame. Yes, Self, you can do all this heroic work if only you will do the most important work first: Seek Him.

So before you resolve to do any good thing this year, Self, resolve to seek Him first. Set your mind and your heart on pilgrimage and let Him take you where He will in this tale. And don’t worry, Self, because you are always safe in His keeping, no matter how the road may curve and bend, because He is always leading you Home.

Make Your ways known to me, Lord;
teach me Your paths.
Guide me in Your truth and teach me,
for You are the God of my salvation;
I wait for You all day long.
– Psalm 25:4-5, HCSB


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