Living Rooted in Identity: Get Low

Today’s Reading: Psalm 115

ghanareligionclasscpwatermarkRemember, Self, that before you were born, He knew every last detail about you and chose you, appointing you to share in the inheritance of His Son Who gave Himself up for your redemption. Don’t waste that calling. Don’t waste that gift. Don’t get so focused on yourself and your life and your wants and your ways that you forget that He gave you this life for His glory and praise. Any wants you may have are infinitely better when laid low at His feet and made holy by His blessing. He has set you apart with these gifts and talents to make much of Him, not yourself.

Remember this, Self, that He humbles the proud and disciplines the self-righteous. Don’t waste what He has entrusted to you by turning it into some vain self-glory game that you can’t even hope to win. Don’t waste what He has entrusted to you by squandering it at the altar of self-gratification.

Get low, Self, and stay low, that the One Who is worthy may receive what is rightfully His.

“Not to us, O Lord , not to us,
But to Your Name give glory
Because of Your lovingkindness, because of Your truth.”
Psalm 115:1, NASB


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