Living Rooted in Identity: Look at Him

1505008_10153642864260381_953423205_nToday’s Reading: Psalm 92

O Self, sometimes you just need to sit and be still and ponder in the Presence of the One Who scattered the stars in the heavens and slanted the moon to pour out mercy and herded cattle on a thousand hills. Sometimes you just need to look at Him as best you can and recall what you disremembered…

That He gave a boy named Laughter to an incredulous old woman who laughed in His face at the promise of a baby. That He made His covenant with a man who stole the birthright and bargained with Him about whether or not He would even be his God. That He called up the man who made the golden calf to teach His people how to repent and sacrifice and worship. That He appointed the youngest son of the weakest family in the tribe denied its birthright to lead His 300-strong army against Midian with nothing but trumpets and pitches as weapons. That He entrusted His kingdom to a boy who reeked of sheep and would commit murder and steal another man’s wife. That He brought a prophet who hated foreigners to their very doorstep to speak mercy through a mouth that would persist in asking for judgment. That He let a woman who had once been possessed by not one but seven demons see first that up from the grave He had arisen. That He has chosen thousands upon thousands of abused, violated, enslaved, burnt up, beat down, profane, adulterous, pathetic, faithless wretches to carry His mercy and His grace and His forgiveness to this world.

Sometimes, Self, you just need to remember that the Lord isn’t picky when it comes to His kids. That He wants us all. That He can and will love anyone through any of us, because He is wild with affection for us all.

But You, Lord, are exalted forever. Psalm 92:8, HCSB


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