Living Rooted in Identity: Return to Your Rest

Today’s Reading: Psalm 116


Remember, Self, that just because you feel weary does not mean you have an excuse to give up. Feeling tired is not a reason to quit. Exhaustion is another signpost pointing in that one direction: to Him. Weariness is another one of those grace-gifts that whispers loud in your heart that you must remember what you have dismembered: that you are never alone, that your Help is ever-present, that your Hope remains steadfast.

Resting is another way of saying, “I need You. I trust You. I can rest, because I know You are here.” Real rest — the kind that actually restores you and isn’t some pseudo-rest that numbs, only to leave you feeling worse when your heart and mind liven again — real rest is an exercise of faith in the One Who Sees. It is saying yes to sleep, to a relaxing bath, to an afternoon of fishing, to that book gathering dust, to that sunset you haven’t really watched in years. Rest is saying yes to those you love and want to carry on for with all you’ve got. Rest is the best yes you can give.

You could keep trudging onward, Self, in vain denial, insisting that you can get one more item checked off that never-ending list of yours. You could keep powering through and staying up and burning out. You could quit. You could pseudo-rest yourself into a temporary numbness that leaves you even wearier. Or you could just go on ahead and choose the bravest way. Say yes to the One Who Sees. Take Him at His Word. You could see what happens when you say yes to His way. You could rest.

“Return to your rest, my soul,
for the Lord has been good to you.”

Psalm 116:7, HCSB


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