Living Rooted in Identity: Not Alone

Today’s Reading: Psalm 119:25-32

littleboyhandcpwatermarkRemember, Self, that just because you feel misunderstood doesn’t mean that you are misunderstood. Yes, there may be scarce few people on this cockeyed planet who get you, but that doesn’t mean you are misunderstood or unheard or ignored. It may feel like you’re out here all alone in this fight to just make it through another day, but you are not alone. And when you feel like you don’t belong here with this raggedy claptrap mess of humanity, well, Self, that is because you are made of more eternal stuff than this house of your sojourning.

You have a sacred space, Self, where you belong. Refuse to let the enemy convince you that you don’t fit in anywhere. He lies to you, because he wants to cripple you and make you useless. Don’t listen to him. You have a Home where you are heard and understood, and He Who is building it dwells within you and you are always at Home with Him. Self, never mistake your perception of your circumstances as the Truth about who you are and Whose you are. He sees you. He knows you. He listens to you. He hears you. He understands you. And best of all? He likes you.

Tell Him everything, Self. Pour it all out in His hands and let Him fill you up with His Truth that will help you see that you have Him and you have a Family here who is walking Home with you and who wants to help your feelings catch up with the Truth that you really do belong and really are understood.

I told You about my life,
and You listened to me;
teach me Your statutes.
Help me understand
the meaning of Your precepts
so that I can meditate on Your wonders.
-Psalm 119:26-27, HCSB


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