Living Rooted in Identity: The Surest Way to Being Right

Today’s Reading: 2 Samuel 12:1-25; Psalms 141 & 51

nathanspondcpwatermarkRemember, Self, that being on the receiving end of a rightful correction doesn’t give you the right to justify, excuse, or defend yourself with the puffed up pride of a rooster. It is tempting, yes, to attempt to shift the blame, to reason your way out, to deflect the guilt, because that sting that comes with a rebuke – it hurts. It’s downright embarrassing when the curtains split and the full light of day streams down on you and you alone. And there you are, exposed in your shame, every eye in the room fixed on you.

In that moment, Self, you have an opportunity. You have the choice – split second it may be, but a choice nevertheless – to follow where this signpost is pointing or to brace up in a defiant attempt to cover your tracks. You have this moment – this amazing grace-gift – to get low. You have this opening – an avenue that leads straight to Him Who Sees, and this path is paved with the gracious mercy of humility. You see, Self, when you’re corrected, the surest way to being right is getting right, and the surest way to getting right is always getting low.

Receiving correction for what it is – another of these grace-gifts He loves to give – requires a heart bent on truth. Your affection for and allegiance to the truth must outweigh your craving for justification, and do you remember what being in agreement – in relationship – with truth does, Self? It sets you free (Jn. 8:32). Free from this entanglement you were caught up in. Free from this burden of self-justification. Free from this weight of guilt. Free from this endless attempt to hide. Rebuke is gift, Self. Correction is kindness. Admonishment is loving. Receive this gift with a grateful heart. The surest way to being able to receive this gift with gratitude is to tend to your relationship with the truth. Nurture your affection for truth. Strengthen your allegiance to truth. Make truth your surest ally, and you will discover that you can get low before the grace-gift of a rebuke that seeks the good apportioned for you.

Let the righteous one strike me—
it is an act of faithful love;
let him rebuke me—
it is oil for my head;
let me not refuse it.
-Psalm 141:5, HCSB



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