I wonder, sometimes, at this indoor life and what it does to us.  When I look at when we were first made -- how we were made,  where we were made,  and why we were made -- I wonder. What has it done?  What is it doing?  What has it undone?  What is it undoing? … Continue reading |’âdâm|


so they, too, will know

"How do you know these stories about Great Great Grandmother and Great Great Granddaddy if you were not alive when they happened?" he asked. "Because my mama told me the stories, just like I'm telling them to you. And not all of the stories happened before I was born. Great Great Grandmother spent my whole … Continue reading so they, too, will know


The weather changed and it was the perfect day for the Fair, and I wanted to tell you.  A terrible, awful thing happened at your alma mater, and I wanted to tell you how sorry I was that it happened.  The kids did something funny, and I wanted to hear your laugh when I told … Continue reading |kindred|


It was coming, autumn was, albeit slowly, without much conviction that the season ought to show itself. But she knew it was coming, autumn was. She would not grow weary in the waiting. Braced up and eyes alight, she would wait and watch and not waver. It would come, autumn would. And when it finally … Continue reading |1.|